COVID-19 Vaccine for Seniors

The whole of 2020 has been a very strange year for most of us. The world was on its toe facing the threat of COVID-19 viruses. 

Many lives have been lost, the fatality number is staggering. Family torn apart, either directly became the casualty of the virus or get the impact of the pandemic that bring the economy to near recession. 

So it is logical for leaders of the world to push the innovation race for finding the vaccine for this mysterious virus. 

It is more than a year now since the first report of the COVID-19 formally announced to the world, and since then the effort for producing the vaccine is finally bring its results. 

In these last couple of months, Indonesia has become one of the first countries that aggressively distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to its citizen. After the health workers as one of the highest priorities to get the vaccine, the distribution process has spread to the Indonesian elderly citizen.

Not all Indonesian citizens respond positively to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution policy, considering the instant process of the newly developed production procedure. Even in the policy decision-making circle, the debate is still a hard bargain. It is understandable that humans are always worrying about something that new after all. 

Nevertheless, many have welcome the COVID-19 distribution and appreciate the government’s effort to make it free for the people of Indonesia. 

These glimpses of photo series serve as a symbolic gesture of appreciation for the struggle and sacrifice of many facing this terrible virus of COVID-19, that finally seen a little light of hope. 

Hope, maybe is all we got left after all the journey we have taken, and to keep the hope alive, we must endure and be brave for a better tomorrow. 

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