Vincentius Jerry Adiguna Caswara is a professional photographer, multimedia content creator, and visual journalist.

With his education background as an International Relations and Political Science Bachelor’s that he received from the University of Parahyangan, Bandung, and Visual Journalism training from Internews at the University of Indonesia, he undergoes his creative process and visual works focusing on diversity, social changes, the people’s way of living.

Trough out his career as a professional, his works are driven by the motto that he held dear, Ad maoirem Dei gloriam, for the greater glory of the Lord.

In 2006 he joined The Jakarta Post Daily Newspaper and establish a formal role as a photojournalist and multimedia editor until the end of 2020, where he continues his path as a creative entrepreneur, establishing the JADIGUNA Images, an initiative that works as a professional collective creative visual agency with a mission to serve and help the client deliver an engaging creative visual story-telling content with the highest standard to its stakeholder. 

He has vast experience and networks in the fields of photojournalism and is also an active member of the Indonesian Photojournalist Association (Pewarta Foto Indonesia / PFI). 

During his tenor serve as chairman of PFI (2010 – 2015), together with various photojournalism stakeholders in Indonesia such as Panna Photo Institute, Antara photojournalism gallery, Indonesia Press Council, and the Ministry of Information, he builds the infrastructure to enhance photojournalism education in Indonesia further. One of those programs is the Permata Photojournalist Grant (PPG) workshop which gives working photojournalists in Indonesia advanced training to create better visual works.

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