Girisonta, Januari 2015. - JADIGUNA PHOTO / Jerry Adiguna

Vincentius Jerry Adiguna Caswara is a documentary photographer and multimedia content creator. He was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, on April 14th, 1979. After following his family and move to Jakarta in the middle of 1985, Jerry Adiguna spends his youth days in a changing time, at the beginning of the reform era for a new Indonesia.

In 1997, he continue his education by learning International Relations and earn a Political Science Bachelor degree from the University of Parahyangan, Bandung, before receiving Visual Journalism training held by Internews in the University of Indonesia. 

Jerry Adiguna undergoes his creative process and visual works with a series of transformation efforts, focuses on the people’s way of living, social changing and driven by the motto that he held dear, Ad maoirem Dei gloriam, for the greater glory of the Lord.

In 2006 he joined The Jakarta Post Daily Newspaper and establish a formal role as a photojournalist and multimedia editor until the end of 2020, where he continues his path as an independent visual journalist, establishing the Jadiguna-Images.

He has vast experience and networks in the fields of photojournalism, and also an active member of the Indonesian Photojournalist Association (Pewarta Foto Indonesia / PFI).

Currently he is also a contributor for:



Feel free to contact for further inquiries and collaboration:

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