The Tide of Jakarta

As the megalopolitan capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has reveal many stories. The people and scenery is always changing, especially in the recent years of Indonesian reform era.

Although held a high prestigious status as the capital, Jakarta still has to deal with the flood situation almost every year.

And that situation has brought a new habit and profession for the resident of Jakarta.

One perfection

By the journey of passion or daily routine profession, sometime a human clouded their mind with the weight of price and the advance technology necessary complaint, for the bad work that one can do. And with the clouded mind, the willingness to cherish life became despair. The dream turns to nightmare.

How will one rise and be human again?

One is an animal with feeling and the ability to act. Being human is to answer one question to existence, principle, reason, ideas, accomplishment and formal documented process that one have been taken along the journey of life.

And by that, one became human and create history for further generations.

New Project

Beginning June, 2011, I seriously begin a new project to document Indonesian people daily life. Thru this on going project, I will try to reveal the new perception of modernity by Indonesian people, especially the youth generation.

By that effort, I will try to find an answer for the question about how Indonesian people receive the new costume that development and modernity has brought so far.