The Market of Unforgetable Goods

The Jalan Surabaya or Surabaya Street Market stands attractively as one of the few surviving “theme markets” which still retains its authenticity and pride after all these years of the “modernization” wave.

For those who are not aware yet, the Jalan Surabaya Market is an “antique” market, or in  harsher tones “flea market”. It sells various items that usually attract collectors, historians, those who simply want an extra touch of authenticity in their living room. On the contrary, those trying to get rid of stuff that are not really considered hip since last century also finds the solution in Jl Surabaya.

The Market started its business around 30-40 years ago and in the beginning consisted merely of several stalls selling China Porcelains. It then experienced expansion in terms of size and variety.  It enjoys a 500-meter length in the pleasant residential area and a colorful variant of stores for customers and sellers to choose from.

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