Witnessing a transformation

Part of a photojournalist’s job is being a witness to the constantly changing moments, and when your subject is one of the executive figures of a nation, it is your obligation as a professional visual journalist to horn your intuition to establish a proper visual representation for his image as an assigned leader of health transformation in the country

Commissioned work for the Indonesia ministry of health @kemenkes_ri

A fun cycle of creativity & life

The biggest challenge and also the fun fact as a creative entrepreneur is to wake up each morning, pushing yourself to create something better than yesterday, but then again, isn’t that what life is all about?

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.” – Albert Einstein

From our recent commissioned work for @octa_investama

How we can help you to create a better tomorrow?

JADIGUNA Images 2022

Developing your business is never an easy task.

Just like raising a child, it took more than a village to raise it.

With that understanding, using our expertise in visual story-telling, JADIGUNA Images is always ready to help you move your business image to the next level, to communicate better to your market and customers, improving your revenue and company growth.

The way of the future

Seeing the Navya Autonom Shuttle Evo with my own eyes, operating in a shopping mall park area, here in Indonesia, just making me to think & realize how far we came at the future.

The Future in here, now. Yesterday just a memories.

Serpong, Indonesia, April 13, 2022 – Navya autonomous minibus at a trial in an open area shopping mall, Tangerang, Indonesia.

As an Indonesian, with a lot going on here at this modern transition developing country, seeing this autonomous bus operate, although still in the trial phase, just make me have to say “wow”.

Hopefully it will soon can be implemented widely among various cities in Indonesia.

Stock photo for – https://www.dreamstime.com/serpong-indonesia-april-navya-autonomous-minibus-trial-open-area-shopping-mall-tangerang-indonesia-navya-autonomous-image245854122


While the COVID-19 pandemic is not over the hills yet, life, as we know it, must go on. We in JADIGUNA Images understand deeply the impact of the pandemic, especially to your business in this unique hard era of ours. 

In the spirit of revival and collaboration, we are launching a special program, best suited for small-medium businesses, especially the homemade food and beverages industry, using our knowledge and expertise in digital content and social media development. 

Hopefully, with our economic and budget-friendly packages, we can help your brand image grow and communicate better to your market. 

Please feel free to contact us and discuss further how our tailored Pandemic Revival Promo packages can help your needs. Cheer up, we can do it together. 

Dare to Love, bring’s Hope, and have Faith

Hope can sometimes difficult things to find, especially when you are alone and it felt like no one care. At the desolation of our heart, despair can make us lost hope in everything good that can happen in our day.

Love on contrary can lift your heart toward others, move you to take action for the other person’s happiness. Make you have faith in others. 

Love, Hope, and Faith. A message that the Curch emphasize again and again, in this sometimes ridiculous world of ours. 

In this desolate time of the COVID-19 pandemic, that three messages became a relevant message to rely on. To be brave enough to choose love toward the fear that surrounded you, to have hope of a better tomorrow, instead of just living the routine, and to realize that faith in your heart, guiding your every step ahead.

When I was invited documenting the COVID-19 Vaccination initiative events, held by the Gonzaga high school alumni with the school administrator, the three messages of Love, Hope, and Faith undoubtedly beaming in every action of the volunteer involved. 

To be brave and choose love, bringing hope toward others, and live in faith.

It is never an easy choice. To care, to choose compassion, believe in your competence, communicating your idea and collaborate, to have courage, and have a commitment for the greater good.

For me, that is why I need faith, more than ever in these difficult time of our’s, guiding my step to serve others, just like the Lord has taught me. Finding God in all of creation.

“Ad maoirem Dei gloriam inque hominum salutem — for the greater glory of the God and the salvation of humanity” – Saint Ignatus of Loyola.