Ondel Ondel: Batavia Big Smile, Freedom & The Street Of Time

Ondel-ondel is an old Batavia traditional folk performance. The performers use giants puppet figures as costumes and dance to the music.

In the past, Ondel Ondel was an expression of freedom and happiness, straying away from the cruelty of the colonial era.

Accompanied by traditional music with the “Gong” as the core percussion, the bamboo-woven ondel-ondel is constructed in such a way that it can be easily lifted by one person and fit inside the puppet, while the dance is performed.

At present, Ondel Ondel is loved by the children of Jakarta. The performance is a celebration of joy.

In some way, the Batavia people saw ondel-ondel as a guardian symbol to protect against evil deeds. It also became spiritual appreciation for their ancestors, who are believed to always guard the Batavians and their future descendants.

The tradition is always changing, especially in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

But through the journey of time, the Batavia people have always shown love for the big smiling puppet symbol of Joy, the Ondel Ondel.

And with that, came hope. The Batavia Ondel-Ondel will continue to dance in the street of time.

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