Tambling, a Sanctuary for Tiger

The name “Tambling” is an abbreviation of Tampang-Belimbing, which is named after Teluk Tampang in the eastern side and Tanjung Belimbing on the western side of the park. Since 1992, PT Adhiniaga Kreasinusa was granted a permit to run Tambling as a tourist destination that covers an area of 100 hectares in July 2008, the company also obtained a permit from Southern Bukit Barisan National Park to supervise an area of  45.000 hectares. The working site of PT Adhiniaga Kreasinusa in Tambling is called the Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (TWNC).

The natural ecosystem of Tambling provide a good habitat for Muntiacus muntjacs, a kind of small deer, wild buffaloes and wild boars and various small mammals including porcupines. Also some rare serati Cairina scutulata ducks often visit Sei Leman Lake and Menjukut in TNWC.

The Sumatran Tiger Rescue Centre of TWNC cover more than 10 hectare of land, located deep in the jungle of TWNC protected area at a height of  up to 300 meters. The location is selected for the natural vegetation that matches with the natural habitat of the tiger.

It became a school for the tigers before they are released into wilderness of the Tampang Belimbing jungle. They train the tigers to become familiar with their natural surroundings, with their natural instinct to hunt live prey, so when they are released to the wilderness they are prepared and well adapted.

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